Thursday, July 1, 2010

My thoughts on Charles Baxter's - Shame and Forgetting in the Information Age

I believe Baxter was trying to state that anyone can have some sort of memory loss, whether it be technological or not; we may still be embarrassed by it. It could be you or someone you know and love. I think he wanted to grab the attention of the audience by relaying a personal experience to show how he himself has been affected. Even some of our greatest Presidents had issues, but turned them into an advantage. In some form or another we all deal with the growing need to hold on to a memory or thought. It could be about a friend you met several years ago and said you'd never forget to remembering to pick up the ketchup from the grocery store. But we all find ways to overcome. Keeping in touch with that friend on a weekly basis, or writing down that you need ketchup. I feel it can be that simple. Baxter states his brother dealt with it in ways that were unhealthy, like eating. I think he really admired his brother Tom, despite his short comings. Baxter seemed he incorporated details into the remainder of the text; about how his brother Tom, lead his life. The tools we end up using, so we are not embarrassed dealing with memory loss and the shame and the forgetting.

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